RABUS WALLSHOT-SMStephanie Rabus may not be a household name…YET…but she has the talent, beauty, and dedication to make ALL her dreams come true. Born into a family of musicians, Stephanie began singing at age 10. On that unforgettable day, a confident Stephanie claimed the microphone at a band rehearsal, surprising all the musicians including her father. When she belted out the Little Mermaid’s “Part Of Your World” that day, her fate was sealed and she has not stopped singing since. Not long after, Stephanie stepped out on stage for her first official performance and garnered some rave reviews.

During her childhood, as part of a military family, Stephanie lived in several states around the country. Those transitions exposed her to various genres of music and different types of artists from Elvis to Martina McBride, not to mention the varied life experiences. Looking back, it allowed her to develop an extraordinary sound that is all her own whether singing a traditional country song or a contemporary ballad.

Landing in Illinois for her high school years, Stephanie took the region by storm, winning talent contests and a trip to Las Vegas where she opened for Toby Keith and Bryan White. During this time, some of Nashville’s elite including Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Blaine Larsen heard her sing and while all complimented her vocals, it was Gretchen’s suggestion of moving to Nashville that propelled Stephanie to the next step of her musical journey.

Heeding that advice, Stephanie relocated to Nashville where she met Justin Peters at Songs For The Planet, Inc. Immediately seeing her potential, he signed her to an artist/development deal as well as a publishing deal. Justin comments, “As a singer, Stephanie is a tender powerhouse and her music is very relatable and commercial. She is developing into an extraordinary singer, songwriter and entertainer.”
In addition to her development as an artist, she is also establishing herself as a songwriter. Writing with Justin Peters and other co-writers has allowed Stephanie to find the songwriter within, thus far releasing one self-penned tune, “Play That Song Again,” to fans on the internet.

Utilizing her artist/development deal to hone her God-given skills, Stephanie is not sitting back waiting on her dreams, she is working hard to make those dreams a reality. When asked what she has learned since coming to Nashville, she comments, “First of all, to be an individual and stand your ground on things. Do what you believe and be the best artist you can be without emulating anyone. Plus hard work and the importance of earning everything that you receive.”

Stephanie is now beginning to reap the rewards of her hard work, recently performing a duet with former Statler Brothers member, Jimmy Fortune on a nationally televised Thanksgiving special, releasing a new single and an album project on the horizon.

Stephanie Rabus is living the American dream!